Utilizing Social Media: Know What You Can And Can’t Do

Utilizing Social Media: Know What You Can And Can’t Do The benefits of using social media in insurance investigations are numerous. Joseph Stephenson, Managing Director of the SIU at Hagerty Insurance, talks about the thin line between what investigators are allowed to do on social media… and what not.


STP Claims – Future or Present?

Insurers are working hard at matters such as customer engagement and straight through processing (STP). Other developments that will become even more important this year are artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain technology and creating an ecosystem. Insurtech companies such as Lemonade, FRISS and Qover are continually busy improving and innovating their products. This means that they…


Embedding A Fraud Fighting Culture In The Company

The identification of high-risk prospective insured persons and the prevention and detection of fraud is of a high priority. Thanks to the automation of the process, identification takes place at the front door. This process increasingly uses information from the claims department and the most important condition for success is a culture focused on internal…


Future of Social Media for Insurers

Future of Social Media for Insurers Insurers should move away from desktops and become more flexible by benefiting from mobile devices. Joseph Stephenson, Managing Director of the SIU at Hagerty Insurance, talks about tapping into social media platforms and using the available data for insurance investigations.


A Fool And His Money Are Soon Parted

Frank’s day starts badly. When he gets to his car he finds that a window has been smashed and there are holes in the dashboard. The navigation system and the air conditioning unit have been removed. He reports this damage to his insurance company. The company decides to send a loss adjuster to inspect the…

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