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4 November 2020, Amsterdam [NL]


Fraudtalks is an international insurance conference where industry leaders connect. To learn about claims and underwriting automation, better customer experiences, and safe digitalization of processes.

Insurance professionals and decision makers from 15+ countries meet in Amsterdam to network, exchange knowledge and learn from acclaimed speakers. Conference attendees enjoy interactive workshops, keynote sessions, round table discussions, and plenty of networking time.

Fraudtalks 2020 brings a powerful program wrapped in an unconstrained vibe, where insurance professionals get connected and present ideas worth sharing.

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Past Speakers

Gian Luigi Chiesa
Data Scientist at FRISS
Ynzo van Zanten
Evangelist at Tony's Chocolonely
Jeffrey Rapattoni
Attorney at Marshall Dennehey
John Ridd
Technologist & CEO at eviid
Ken Munro
Car Hacker & IoT Destroyer
Bennett Arron
Comedian & Identity Theft Speaker
Pep Rosenfeld
Your FRAUDtalks 2019 Host
Data Scientist at FRISS
Gian Luigi Chiesa

Gian Luigi Chiesa is one of the talented data scientists at FRISS. He loves combining R & Python. Currently Gian focuses mainly on A.I. projects, where he explores cutting-edge approaches to detect insurance fraud, involving Deep Learning. Besides statistical and machine learning techniques, he is mainly interested in building innovative apps and interactive reports.

You’ll find Gian happiest when he can combine his passion for both statistics and styling. His core strength is turning data into knowledge by delivering beautiful and easy-to-understand analytical overviews for insurers.

At FRAUDtalks, Gian Luigi Chiesa will share his vision on a future with artificial intelligence. There is no doubt that A.I. will be all around us. Think of self-driving cars! Instead of humans behind the wheel, we will rely on powerful A.I. driven machines that are supposed to make us commute in a way that is safer than ever before. Gian will discuss how and when you should trust A.I. He will answer the following question: What is interpretable A.I.?

Evangelist at Tony's Chocolonely
Ynzo van Zanten

Ynzo van Zanten, Tony’s Chocolonely “Choco Evangelist”, is coming to FRAUDtalks to tell more about Tony’s innovative roadmap to 100% slave-free chocolate and how anyone can contribute to this. Tony’s Chocolonely is one of the most successful lovebrands from The Netherlands, selling chocolate bars worldwide while supporting fair trade goals. The company strongly opposes slavery and child labour by partnering with trading companies in Ghana and Ivory Coast. Together they buy cocoa beans directly from the farmers, providing them with a fair price for their product and combatting exploitation.

Ynzo is economist, author and entrepreneur. He launched the brand ‘innocent drinks’ on the European continent. He is initiator of Amsterdam’s academic minor ‘Sustainable Leadership & Entrepreneurship’. Ynzo also eaches at the University of Amsterdam and the TU Delft, and has a seat in the board of the foundations ’10.000 Hours’ and ‘Plastic Whale’.

Ynzo’s FRAUDtalk will address Tony’s Chocolonely, modern slavery, entrepreneurship, sustainability and leadership.

Attorney at Marshall Dennehey
Jeffrey Rapattoni

Jeffrey Rapattoni is attorney and shareholder at Marshall Dennehey. He serves as co-chair of the firm’s Fraud/Special Investigation Practice Group. Jeffrey focuses his practice on insurance fraud, bad faith and SIU related matters.

At FRAUDtalks he will emphasize on the role of data for claims and SIU departments. Bringing to bear the full resource of the carrier to view a potential fraud event and confirm or deny the event in less time, with less resource and less touch.  The end result? More meaningful time spent on tasks that need attention.

Jeffrey will share how insurance professionals can utilize data as of today. There are a numbers of ways depending on how you choose to use your data.  Is this off the shelf, home-grown or are you bringing in a consulting company to custom design a process?  Regardless, it begins with -and it can begin as most things do in insurance- the application.


Technologist & CEO at eviid
John Ridd

John Ridd is a technologist with a long track-record of taking both disruptive & transformative technology into unsuspecting markets. He was instrumental in the first-ever underwriting of a data centre and has worked with the Information Assurance Advisory Council and as part of global consortia of experts in cyber risk and insurance.

John is CEO & founder of eviid; patented technology driving evidential video applications in risk-conscious sectors.  Eviid automatically turns videos and photos captured on a smart device into reliable evidence that is suitable for use in court, claims, compliance and complaints. The technology also enables live, secure and recorded video calls between field and base, as well as integrating advanced workflow and reporting features.

At FRAUDtalks, John will peek into the future by taking a quick look at the technology available to us today. Some technology is already used by policy holders and if utilized properly could ease processes and save time and money.

Car Hacker & IoT Destroyer
Ken Munro

Ken Munro is a security entrepreneur and industry maverick that has worked in infosec for over 15 years. After studying Applied Physics he tried his hand in the hospitality industry but soon discovered a talent for hacking, persuading a till to print out mortgage amortisations. He went on to cut his teeth in the anti-virus industry before founding SecureTest, a penetration testing business.

Ken is a fierce advocate of responsible disclosure and regularly researches and reveals security vulnerabilities in an effort to promote better security design and practice. He takes a key role in conducting investigations as well as encouraging team members to pursue their own research. In his 2018 TEDx talk Ken Munro showed  how insecure Internet of Things products are and how easy it is to hack them.

He made appearances on BBC as well as the broadsheet press, and he’s also a regular contributor to industry magazines. Ken is a respected speaker and will share his expertise on stage during FRAUDtalks 2019.

Comedian & Identity Theft Speaker
Bennett Arron

Several years ago, award-winning writer and stand-up comedian Bennett Arron was in serious debt. He owed thousands of pounds to phone companies, banks and department stores. Only it wasn’t him. Bennett was a victim of Identity Theft – and one of the first major victims of the crime in the UK. This theft resulted in Bennett becoming penniless and homeless.

Years later, Bennett wrote, directed and presented the Television Documentary “How To Steal An Identity” in which he stole the identity of the Home Secretary. The Documentary was described as ‘Fascinating and Disturbing’ and was ‘Pick of The Week’ in all the major press. Bennett was subsequently shortlisted for a BAFTA – and arrested in a dawn raid by Scotland Yard.

Bennett now comes to FRAUDtalks to tell his disturbingly true yet funny account of what it’s like to have your identity stolen and revealing the devastating consequences of making a documentary ‘in the public interest’.

Your FRAUDtalks 2019 Host
Pep Rosenfeld

In 1993 Pep Rosenfeld and Andrew Moskos fell in love with Amsterdam and moved here to start a sketch and comedy show. 25 years later, Boom Chicago has grown into the innovative and influential comedy institution it is today. Boom Chicago for Business is Europe’s leading theater company for creating customized, interactive programs for organizations who focus on innovation and transformation. Pep hosts events like The Next Web, Accenture Innovation Awards, and FRAUDtalks.

Pep Rosenfeld is Boom Chicago’s creative multi-tasker: Stand-up comedian, host & facilitator, writer, trainer, public speaker, and developer of new corporate programs. His passion is making people laugh in just about any situation. In his TED talk “Fight, Flight or Make Your Opponent Laugh” he spoke about using humor to win over hostile audiences and how comedy helps deal with trauma and stress. During FRAUDtalks in Amsterdam Pep will use comedy and improvisation to help making each FRAUDtalk stick.

2020 Roadmap


Coffee & Check-in 


Kick-off & Welcome by Boom Chicago & FRISS


Keynote 1 Main Theater 


Keynote 2 Main Theater 


Fuel Break ☕️ Partner Playground 


FRISS Product Reveal Main Theater 


Parallel Workshops Sub 1-2 


Lunch & Round Tables Partner Playground 


Insurer’s Success Stories Sub 1-4 


Fuel Break ☕️ Partner Playground


Keynote 3 Main Theater 


Keynote 4 Main Theater 


Wrap Up & Comedy by Boom Chicago


DJ, Drinks, Food & Networking Partner Playground

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Fraudtalks takes place at Amsterdome, one of the most iconic domes in The Netherlands and located at a premium spot in Amsterdam. Last year’s conference was held at the contemporary EYE Film Museum and A’DAM Toren.

With its innovative architecture, design interior made from recycled materials and excellent accessibility, we’re proud to call Amsterdome our home for 2020.


See you in Amsterdam!

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