Beware of Identity Theft

Whatever you do in life and no matter how careful you are with your personal details, it can happen to everyone: the theft and misuse of your identity. Like Alf Göransson, chairman of the board of the Swedish security firm Securitas. He didn’t find out his identity had been stolen until the court in Stockholm declared…


The Insurance Policy Murderer

The charge in this case, which has become known as ‘the insurance policy murderer’, reads: ‘a series of insurance frauds and the murder of Alfredo and Alan’.


Big Brother doesn’t prevent internal fraud, good corporate culture does

Internal fraud by employees is a phenomenon that all companies and organizations should be aware of, particularly when a lot of money is involved. But fraud in the insurance sector often brings to mind incidental or organized attempts by policyholders, their representatives or the companies and organizations that are paid from insurance claims to scam…


An Interesting Bonus

The invoice for the stolen television was a clear attempt to defraud the insurance company. And the police discovered an interesting bonus.

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