How Liars Tell the Truth

Nico Declercq is a criminal investigator experienced in interviewing subjects. As an expert in body language and lie signal detection, to him an investigation ultimately comes down to truth detection, not lie detection. As a crime investigator, I conduct investigations that are often about heavily charged, emotional events. For example, a fire that has burned…


How a storyteller catches a terrorist

Peter de Kock is a film maker and former law enforcement professional. In 2014 he published his PhD thesis on predicting criminal behavior through a model based on narrative scenarios. With his company Pandora Intelligence, Peter de Kock works on applying this model to real-world situations. By profession, I consider myself a storyteller. I graduated…


Fighting Fraud in the Information Age

FRAUDtalks interview: Nicolas Michellod. Nicolas Michellod is a senior analyst at Celent with over fifteen years of experience in the financial industry. His research focuses on insurance markets and trends, including predictive analytics and data technology providers. He presented this story at the FRAUDtalks 2018 conference in Amsterdam. Fraudulent claims are not a new problem to…


You Are Never Too Old for Insurance Fraud!

FRAUDtalks interview: Christina Fiscella Christina Fiscella is an independent investigator, trainer & consultant, specialized in Insurance Investigations and Fraud Training. She shares her experience that honest stereotypes of the elderly should only go so far. She presented this story at the FRAUDtalks 2018 conference in Amsterdam. As a society, we are taught that elderly people…


How Serious Is Privacy?

FRAUDtalks interview: Joe Stephenson. Joe Stephenson is managing director of SIU at Hagerty and Social Media & Online Investigations Expert. At FRAUDtalks 2018 in Amsterdam he warned about the double-edged sword of social media data – how it can help both investigations and criminals. Privacy in social media Would you put your banking information on…


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