How Serious Is Privacy?

FRAUDtalks interview: Joe Stephenson. Joe Stephenson is managing director of SIU at Hagerty and Social Media & Online Investigations Expert. At FRAUDtalks 2018 in Amsterdam he warned about the double-edged sword of social media data – how it can help both investigations and criminals. Privacy in social media Would you put your banking information on…


Engaging Departments in the Fight Against Fraud

FRAUDtalks interview: Dennis Jay When looking at insurance carriers, the best organizations out there are the ones that have anti-fraud engagement across the entire company. Every company has an ownership of the anti-fraud problem and the anti-fraud solution, whether it’s claims, underwriting, legal, marketing, the agency force. And you know once they see that fighting…


What is the relation between gangs and insurance?

FRAUDtalks interview: Charlotte Dahlgren It’s an odd combination; gangs and insurance. It’s definitely no love at first sight, but gang members also do have the right to a policy. You might wonder if there is an impact and obviously there is. If insurance companies do a better job with the policy, and with the exceptions…


The US Salvage Cars Challenge

FRAUDtalks interview: Christian Wittmann Salvage cars from the US are always a kind of problem, and the problem is growing. What people do? They buy thousands of cars that are no longer allowed to be sold in the US. This can be because of hurricanes, mayor accidents, in other words total losses so they get…


Benefits of Geospatial Intelligence for Insurers

FRAUDtalks interview: Ryan Bank Geospatial or location-based information affects everybody. Every insurance company writes policies or file claims at a location, so the more we know about any individual location the better. The industry could really benefit from it. We put together a consortium, called the Geospatial Intelligence Center. It’s a geospatial consortium made of…


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