Agile Fraud Detection: Stepping up the Game

Whenever insurers put counter-fraud defences in place to stop the progression of organised crime, fraudsters will find a way around them. Criminals are continually evolving and the speed at which they develop new behaviour is impressive. In order to keep up, insurers need to maintain technical agility.


Let Go of Control and Conquer Fraud

I challenge you to reflect on and develop the vigilance and assertiveness of organizations, because at Deloitte the approach is already proving successful on a small scale.


Keeping up with Modern Fraudsters

Jay Sarzen, who is an analyst at the AITE Group, shares his vision on the modernization of fraudsters. Insurance carriers have to get rid of old techniques and out-dated systems in order to fight the fraudsters of today.


Online Verification: Knowing Your Customer

Jay Sarzen, who is an analyst at the AITE Group, shares his vision on the rise of online insurance channels. Sarzen thinks that face-to-face insurance transactions will decrease rapidly. Knowing your customer will be essential. 

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