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The online fraud community for insurance professionals worldwide. FRAUDtalks.com is an open platform to gain and share the latest thinking, actionable insights and useful content in the fight against insurance fraud and risks. FRAUDtalks.com supports honest insurance and is freely accessible to insurance professionals across the globe.

At FRAUDtalks.com, we believe in honest and affordable insurance for everyone. In the end it is the society that suffers from insurance fraud. Our mission is to strive for a trustworthy insurance industry, healthy insurance portfolios and fair insurance premiums for everybody.

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FRAUDtalks.com is a global network for insurance professionals, leaders and decision-makers in order to stay ahead of the fraud game and stimulate an honest insurance industry. Therefore we enable visitors and users of our website to:

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    Make sure to catch the latest insights on technology, digital transformation, data, AI, analytics, IoT, behavior, claims, underwriting and investigations. All related to one topic: insurance fraud and risks;
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    Contributors can also be your peers. In fact, you can be a contributor yourself by applying as a writer;
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FRAUDtalks Conference

In order to stay ahead of the fraud game in dynamic times and to sustain for the future, we feel that is important to bring people together. Therefore, as an addition to the online community, we encourage insurance professionals, leaders and decision-makers to connect in real-life at our FRAUDtalks conference in Amsterdam. Following the successful previous editions FRAUDtalks is proud to announce the 2018 edition of this unique format. 6 acclaimed speakers will each dazzle the audience with an inspiring 18 minutes talk. FRAUDtalks 2018 brings a powerful program and an unconstrained vibe where insurance professionals can get connected and share ideas worth spreading.

Watch last year’s aftermovie »

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