Agile Fraud Detection: Stepping up the Game

Whenever insurers put counter-fraud defences in place to stop the progression of organised crime, fraudsters will find a way around them. Criminals are continually evolving and the speed at which they develop new behaviour is impressive. In order to keep up, insurers need to maintain technical agility.


Let Go of Control and Conquer Fraud

I challenge you to reflect on and develop the vigilance and assertiveness of organizations, because at Deloitte the approach is already proving successful on a small scale.


How to Stimulate Honest Behavior as an Insurer

What techniques can insurers use to stimulate honest behavior and reduce fraud? Joanne Reinhard from the Behavioural Insights Team is specialized in applying behavioral science to bring about behavioral change. She shares multiple useful tips for insurers.


The Ideal World for Fraud and Risk Data Analysis

The insurance industry possesses huge amounts of data. Lots of analysis are run to get a better insight into fraud, risks and the value of portfolios. How reliable is all this information and how can it be made (even) more reliable?


Following the Path of a Stolen Object

Brightmaven is tracing the journey of a stolen object, literally and figuratively all around the globe. To find stolen goods and return them to their lawful owner. Their primary motivation? Crime should never pay off. Never.


Why External Data is Key for a Healthy Portfolio

Nowadays, the underwriting process has become a far more distant affair: online channels are increasing. But if there is no personal contact with clients applying for a policy, how can one still make a good assessment of the risk that is taken on?


What Drives a Fraudster?

Walk alongside and together with your clients on the direct route to truth rather than bicker with them over facts and content. Let them take a look at themselves and reflect, and do not only ask yourself how poisonous the apples were, but above all, why they were used.


Fraud: As Old as the Way to Rome

Fraud was already widespread in Ancient Rome and it will probably never be eradicated. There will always be an ‘arms race’ between fraudsters and fraud investigators.


What’s in a Name? How to Overcome Identity Fraud

Mandatory use of social security numbers could be the way to authenticate new customers and limit fraud in the insurance industry. And why don’t governments issue validated unique email addresses, based on social security numbers, to citizens?

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