A Fool And His Money Are Soon Parted

Frank‚Äôs day starts badly. When he gets to his car he finds that a window has been smashed and there are holes in the dashboard. The navigation system and the air conditioning unit have been removed. He reports this damage to his insurance company. The company decides to send a loss adjuster to inspect the…


Foreign Courier

Pablo owns a courier service. On May 15th he reported to the insurance company that his delivery van had been stolen. This is annoying for Pablo because he has only owned the van for three weeks and he needs it for his work. He claimed an amount of USD 20,000 for the loss of his…


The Insurance Policy Murderer

The charge in this case, which has become known as ‘the insurance policy murderer’, reads: ‘a series of insurance frauds and the murder of Alfredo and Alan’.


An Interesting Bonus

The invoice for the stolen television was a clear attempt to defraud the insurance company. And the police discovered an interesting bonus.


Prada Exposes the Fraud

Although it appeared on the surface that the entrepreneurial couple were very successful, in reality their businesses were doing badly and they had sizeable payment arrears for their extremely high mortgage as well as a high tax debt.


Facing the Music

This case relates to Joe B. Joe became 100% incapacitated for work as a result of an accident two years ago, and has permanent problems with his foot and ankle.

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