The Insurance Policy Murderer


George is originally from the Dominican Republic. He lives in a district of Washington where many immigrants live. He speaks English well and knows his way around the complicated system of taxes, benefits, insurances, etc.  These are useful attributes. He is happy to use his knowledge to help compatriots who immigrate to the USA and don’t yet know their way around. He also helps them with the necessary insurance policies. One of the compatriots he helps to ‘get going’ in the USA is his 24 year old friend Alfredo. Alfredo is a musician and wants to work in the area. George tells Alfredo he will help him. A month later, Alfredo dies under suspicious circumstances. A life insurance policy has been taken out by Alfredo with George as the beneficiary.

The insurer decides to delve deeper into the matter and contacts the police and fellow insurers via the Association of Insurers. Bits of information from 18 different companies are combined and together they provide a clear picture. It appears that George has previously committed fraud with life insurance and fixed term insurance policies using false death certificates. For instance, he apparently died twice from an acute cardiac arrest in the house of a relative in Santa Domingo. His mother was the beneficiary named in the policies. The insured amounts ranged from $300,000 to $2.5 million.

This information puts the death of Alfredo in a completely different light and further investigation takes place. Alfredo’s blood was kept by the Joint Medical Examination Service and this is examined by the Forensic Institute. Alfredo appears to have died of an overdose of succinylcholine, a muscle relaxant that also relaxes the heart muscle and is difficult to trace if administered at too high a dose. The investigation also reveals that not long before Alfredo’s death, 22-year-old Alan, also from the Dominican Republic, died under similar suspicious circumstances. He also had also taken out a life insurance policy with George as the beneficiary. Upon his arrest, a bag full of policy documents, ampoules and syringes are found at his home.

The charge in this case, which has become known as ‘the insurance policy murderer’, reads: ‘a series of insurance frauds and the murder of Alfredo and Alan’. George was sentenced by the Washington court to imprisonment for life.

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