When You’re Really Lost

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A file that proved to be worthy of investigation was delivered to the Special Cases department because the claims handler followed his gut feeling.

Modern approach

A tool is used to save all adverts from Dutch advertising sites and store them, from Marktplaats to Werkspot, from Autotrack to Bouwspullen.nl. So even if a potential fraudster thinks that they have effectively removed an advert from a site, they will be disappointed to find that this has been backed up. This tool will soon include the German market as well, which could be really useful for imported (salvaged) vehicles.

The file

The claims handler received a claim report that stated that the insured party’s car was broken into on 14 August 2016, and that the factory fit media and navigation system was among the items stolen from the car.

The insured party reported the incident to the police on the internet, in accordance with the requirements. Or did they? The internet is a wonderful thing… Reporting an incident is child’s play, there are no obstacles and you don’t have to look anyone in the eye.

That’s just the way it works. But when he pulled the information provided by the insured party up on his screen, claims handler Martin felt that something was not quite right.

As usual, the claims handler had started up the tool at the beginning of his working day, and because he had now been provided with concrete information, he decided to use the tool to verify this. All he needed to do was enter some basic details and there it was, the insured party’s surname popped up. Not only his name, but also an advert for a car radio that he had advertised on the Marktplaats selling site on 7 June 2016. This got his attention.

No navigation, and now no radio

When you are really lost

The claims handler discovered that the insured party had never had a navigation system in their car, but did want one.

Of course it’s a “great idea” to set up a break-in to make a simple factory fit car radio disappear, but it’s even more “fun” to then sell this radio and get some money for it. It appears the insured party wanted to have his cake and eat it. Making money from the sale of a car radio and getting a great new media and navigation system from your insurer as “compensation” must have been tempting. Oh, and a new car window of course. Unfortunately for the insured party, he was found out, and his problems only got worse. The invoice that he had obtained and tried to use to show possession of the navigation system was of no help to him either.

The least of our now ex-insured party’s problems was that he now had to go looking for a car radio or media and navigation system on the Marktplaats selling site himself… or choose to get a good street map book!

Thanks to the use of automated detection, we saved time and money, because this advert essentially gave us the necessary proof on a golden platter.

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