What is the relation between gangs and insurance?

FRAUDtalks interview: Charlotte Dahlgren It’s an odd combination; gangs and insurance. It’s definitely no love at first sight, but gang members also do have the right to a policy. You might wonder if there is an impact and obviously there is. If insurance companies do a better job with the policy, and with the exceptions…


The US Salvage Cars Challenge

FRAUDtalks interview: Christian Wittmann Salvage cars from the US are always a kind of problem, and the problem is growing. What people do? They buy thousands of cars that are no longer allowed to be sold in the US. This can be because of hurricanes, mayor accidents, in other words total losses so they get…


Benefits of Geospatial Intelligence for Insurers

FRAUDtalks interview: Ryan Bank Geospatial or location-based information affects everybody. Every insurance company writes policies or file claims at a location, so the more we know about any individual location the better. The industry could really benefit from it. We put together a consortium, called the Geospatial Intelligence Center. It’s a geospatial consortium made of…


The Next Steps to Combat Fraud

FRAUDtalks interview: Joe Wehrle Sharing of information is critical in the United States. In Europe it is more difficult. I think the most important thing that insurers can do, is beginning to educate their customers on a magnitude and the scope of the fraud. Most people don’t think anything about it, unless it happens to…


Digitization and the Focus on Fraud Finding

FRAUDtalks interview: Dennis Jay Insurance companies in general have done good job in automation; getting involved in systems that have business rules and red flags and even advanced analytics, such as predictive modeling, link analysis and all of that. We recently did a study on the industries’ state of the technology, and about 75% of…


Preventing Spoliation at Insurance Investigations

Spoliation is the failure to preserve evidence and might lead to cases getting dismissed in court. This can make entire fraud cases useless for prosecution. Nicolas Gristina, lawyer at Hainkel & Johnson, talks about preventing spoliation while investigating insurance fraud.  


Authentication on Social Media

Nicolas Gristina, lawyer at Hainkel & Johnson, talks about authentication on social media for investigative purposes. There are approximately 83 million fake profiles on Facebook alone. How can insurance companies and investigators verify if a social media profile is real?


Future of Social Media for Insurers

Insurers should move away from desktops and become more flexible by benefiting from mobile devices. Joseph Stephenson, Managing Director of the SIU at Hagerty Insurance, talks about tapping into social media platforms and using the available data for insurance investigations.  


Fraud Schemes: Faking a Car

Joseph Stephenson, Managing Director of the SIU, explains how people create fake cars by sending in false photos and paper trails -as these are often non-existent for classic vehicles. These “paper cars” are then insured and disappear.


Keeping up with Modern Fraudsters

Jay Sarzen, who is an analyst at the AITE Group, shares his vision on the modernization of fraudsters. Insurance carriers have to get rid of old techniques and out-dated systems in order to fight the fraudsters of today.


Online Verification: Knowing Your Customer

Jay Sarzen, who is an analyst at the AITE Group, shares his vision on the rise of online insurance channels. Sarzen thinks that face-to-face insurance transactions will decrease rapidly. Knowing your customer will be essential. 


Detecting Fraud at the First Contact

Bill Weston from the Georgia Insurance Commissioners Fraud Division shares how fraud knowledge should not be limited to special investigators. If fraud education is provided to people that take the first contact, more fraud could be detected.


Rise of Gang Related Activities

Bill Weston from the Georgia Insurance Commissioners Fraud Division explains how gangs are more involved in committing insurance fraud due to high rewards and low risks.

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